Term 4 Music

- keep a beat
- keep a beat using different instruments

Term 4 Dance

Big Idea: We can express ourselves creatively through dance

Deep Understandings:
The children will understand:
That dance has evolved through the decades.
That to learn a dance you need to follow a series of instructions.
Dance is a form of social interaction.
Dance is good for your health and well being.

Skill Focus:
1 - Learn the specific steps to a dance
2 - Keep in time to the music
3 - Follow instructions

Value Focus (Excellence)
1 - Trying our best
2 - Persevering

3 - Acknowledging the efforts of others

Term 4 Discovery & Key Competencies

November 8, 2013

Key Competency: Thinking

How did you use your thinking?

"Thinking about the numbers I have to do."

Term 4 Writing

I think this is a great piece of writing because...

"I used 'because', I used 'but', and I think some words are right."

Jun Hao is going to my home because he likes my home but sometimes he doesn't.

Term 4 CARE Values

When you try new things, Samantha, that definitely shows you're using Active Thinking. You're never afraid to take a risk and try something new. Ka Pai!