Autumn Poem

I am learning to write poems

Success Criteria

  • My poem will put a picture in your mind

Physical Education

Learning Intention
We are learning to send objects accurately.

Success Criteria
Throw the ball underarm towards the target
Step forward with my opposite foot
Follow through towards the target

Student Comment
I see that I got the bean bag in the hoop. I see I am leaning forward so the bean bag gets lower. I also see that my feet are not together. I think I can do better. I think that I have to practise more. 


We are learning to:
  • make numbers to 100 by making bundles of tens
Success Criteria

  • split a number into tens and ones e.g. 43 = 40 + 3
  • use pop sticks to show numbers in bundles and singles

Reading Term 1

Buddy Reading with Room 13

Enjoying the library with friends

My Self Portrait

Easy Blog Photo